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Considering Surgical Alternatives

Heather was told the only option for her curvature was to have surgery. She questioned whether or not there were non-surgical scoliosis treatment alternatives available to her.

This is Heather's scoliosis surgery story…

My heart sank as we drove closer to the orthopedic doctor’s office. I wore my brace most of the time he prescribed, but my scoliosis had gotten worse. I didn’t need to see the x-rays. I could tell my ribs stuck out further and my body looked more shifted than ever.

The doctor looked at the films briefly and told me, “Well, I guess it is time for the big ticket item”. Heather's and her scoliosis surgery alternative storyMy curvature had been progressing in on a slow, steady march towards this direction and I knew this day would come.

“Really your only option for a curvature over 40 degrees is to have the spinal rod fusion scoliosis surgery,” stated the orthopedic specialist.

My mother, with a shocked look on her face, said “only option”?

“Yes, it is her only viable option. While scoliosis surgery can be a bit scary, many patients like Heather have undergone the operation. I’d encourage you to get her scheduled as soon as possible”, said the specialist.

Fortunately, I knew this day was coming and I had a list of questions prepared for the doctor:

“Can you tell me why scoliosis surgery is recommended when a curvature reaches 40 degrees? How was 40 degrees determined to be the cut off line for having the scoliosis surgery?”  Aren't there any non-surgical scoliosis treatment alternatives?

He looked at me and told me that he didn’t have time to fully “catch me up on all the research” and dismissed himself from the room in order to see another patient. My mother refused to schedule the appointment with the surgeon without talking to my father first.

Later that week I started investigating scoliosis surgery facts for myself. I found out that this recommended surgical procedure leaves up to 40% of the patients who get it severely handicapped within 17 years. I also found out that the average curvature before the surgery was 71 degrees and was only reduced to 44 degrees after the surgery.

I showed these studies to my parents and we never scheduled the scoliosis surgery. I eventually heard of CLEARTM Institute and discovered that surgery wasn’t my only viable option! After placing my first call to CLEARTM, my life started to change.

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