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The Initial Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with mild scoliosis can be a scary moment. We want you to know that you’re not alone. While mild scoliosis is found within males and females of all ages, it’s very commonly found within teenage girls. Here’s just one story from Katie on her experience being diagnosed with mild scoliosis.

This is Katie's mild scoliosis story...Katie and her mild scoliosis story   

I got diagnosed with mild scoliosis when I was 12. I’ll never forget that, either. My mom didn’t want the school nurse to perform my physical examinations so every year she took me to our pediatrician instead. We were pretty friendly with him and the nurse. I remember the nurse taking down my measurements and my weight and then asking me to face away from her and bend over. While I’ve done this numerous times for such examinations, I never knew nor questioned the motive behind the action. She pushed my shirt up. I was still bent over and looking at my arms dangling close to the floor.

“Do you see that?” the nurse asked.

“Yep”, my mom responded.

“Okay, I’ll have Dr. Jones refer you to a specialist for that.”

“Thank you”, my mom replied, quite uncharacteristically somber.

“You can stand up now, Kaitlyn.” 

She left, as I was reorienting myself to my upright position and a million questions flooded my mind. I asked my mom what happened. She just assured me that it’s no big deal - I might have scoliosis and that we’d get it checked out by a different doctor. “No biggie”, I thought.

I said to my mom when I was 12 that I didn’t care about mild scoliosis. But trust me, I cared. Not at first, because each time I looked at my ‘S’ spine at the specialist’s office it was just “Well, all we can do is have her come back every six months for a new x-ray and see if anything changes. If it does, we’ll worry about it then”.

The next time I went back, my curves progressed a little more, but the doctor still recommended that we just observe.

I thought, “This is stupid. Why are we just watching it? My spine is already crooked, why aren’t we trying to fix it now”? 

On my third trip to the doctor he looked at the x-ray and said, “if the mild scoliosis gets to 25 degrees, we will need to put her in a back brace”.

I was so happy! I thought, finally we’re doing something to actually fix my spine. But then we learned the brace treatment was only designed to keep the curve from getting worse. 

Then the doctor told me that I would have to wear the brace 23 hours a day. It was the worse day of my life.

I immediately went home and started looking for alternatives. I discovered CLEARTM Institute on the Internet and read about their alternative treatment options for mild scoliosis that required no bracing or surgery. My demeanor quickly changed.

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