Rosemarie is a retired professor, 65 years young, who presented for two weeks of scoliosis care with Dr. Dennis Woggon and Dr. SuYen Chong at the St. Cloud Chiropractic and Scoliosis Clinic in St.Cloud, Minnesota, on March 30, 2009. Her X-rays on March 30, 2009 revealed the following: 1) a severe loss (264%) of the normal front-to-back (lordotic) curve in the neck; 2) a severe loss (189%) of the normal front-to-back (lordotic) curve in the low back; 3) an abnormal, sideways (scoliotic) right curve in the upper back of from T3 to T6 of 10 degrees; 4) an abnormal, sideways (scoliotic) left curve angle from T7 to T10 of 40 degrees; 5) an abnormal, sideways (scoliotic) right curve from T11 to L3 of 65 degrees.

The curves of the spine are essential for strength & stability. When the body loses the normal front-to-back (lordotic) curves, abnormal sideways (scoliotic) curves may develop. By restoring the normal curves of the spine, it is possible to reduce scoliosis without the use of bracing or surgery. This is the foundation of CLEAR’s method of scoliosis treatment.

After two weeks of treatment, Rosemarie’s normal front-to-back (lordotic) curve in the neck improved from a 264% loss to only a 65% loss. The scoliotic curve at T3-T6 improved from 10 down to 3 degrees; the scoliotic curve from T7-T10 improved from 40 down to 27 degrees; and the scoliotic curve from T11-L3 improved from 65 down to 48 degrees.

This represents a total improvement of 37 degrees (115 down to 78), or a reduction of 22.2%, in two weeks. Maintaining this achievement requires Rosemarie’s commitment to exercises, patience, & care, but after having seen & experienced the results for herself, she has hope for the future, and, for the first time since she was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 10, she has a straighter, stronger, healthier spine.