CLEAR scoliosis treatment has helped thousands of people from all around the world. Read what actual patients and their parents have to say about their experiences at a CLEAR Scoliosis Center!

  • Esther T.

    Age 22
    CLEAR has a wonderful passion for seeking the cure for each patient. So caring for us! My lower back started with a 28 degree curve and I had pain in the middle of the curve. My neck was under a lot of strain. Now my neck feels really wonderful and the curve in my lower back is almost non-existent, and I have only minor lower back pain. CLEAR’s treatment is the cure! It’s the future of chiropractic care and the rest of the discipline needs to catch up!
  • Parent of Konrad P.

    Age 15
    The CLEAR doctors are great! Very professional and knowledgeable. They practice state-of-the-art protocols in scoliosis rehab. Great alternative to invasive procedures.
  • Kelsea R.

    Age 14
    The CLEAR doctors are awesome! Very knowledgeable. I have a straighter spine and I feel very happy with the results. The CLEAR treatment is very effective and gives you hope.
  • Parent of Minu P.

    Age 12
    The doctors at CLEAR are well experienced, qualified, co-operative, pleasant, caring, and kind. We are very happy with the results of treatment. The medical doctors we saw were not aware of any chiropractic treatment for scoliosis. This method is very effective for scoliosis.
  • Shaakira M.

    Age 13
    The CLEAR doctors are very, very nice and informative. I feel great! I think CLEAR’s treatment is the best alternative to surgery.
  • Brianna I.

    Age 16
    The doctors at CLEAR are very nice. They make you feel very welcomed. My curve isn’t as big as it used to be. I can also breathe better than I used to. With CLEAR I have seen an improvement with my back. With other places I have been to, I didn’t see an improvement.
  • Allison L. and Mother

    Age 15
    We found the doctors at CLEAR to be very informative, caring, personable, approachable, and supportive. I have good posture now!!! Woo-hoo!!! My confidence and enthusiasm have increased dramatically. Our orthopedic doctor prescribed a brace. He had no other suggestions or interest when we brought up alternate treatment ideas.
  • Diane P.

    We love our CLEAR doctor! My daughter is standing taller and straighter. This is the best treatment for her in my opinion. CLEAR’s treatment makes more sense to me. Cutting open my daughter and putting rods in her back was not an option for us. I wish we had come here two years ago!
  • Andrea S.

    Age 17
    I really enjoyed my experience working with my CLEAR doctor. He did a great job. I think CLEAR’s treatment is an awesome concept, and it makes a lot of sense.
  • J.C.

    Age 33
    The CLEAR doctors are excellent; second-to-none. I experienced a 5 day transformation that left me feeling better overall. CLEAR is the best – very efficient and effective! We need more doctors to become certified in the CLEAR methods.
  • Shae M.

    Age 15
    The CLEAR doctors are amazing, very enthusiastic and caring, which makes me excited to continue. I have been telling people how you can tell they love what they are doing, and truly want to make a difference. I love the high-fives! The CLEAR treatment was an invaluable experience for me, because a lot of the knowledge I gained I use every day and will continue to use all my life. I also felt a sense of connection I hadn’t felt before. I felt that there was someone I could ask all my questions that would give me a response specific to my body. I feel that I have more control over my life than I did before. I have never experienced anything like CLEAR before. I love the treatment, even though it is tough at times. I like to see the results and how pliable my spine really is.
  • Kathryn R.

    Age 31
    The CLEAR doctors know a lot about how to help people. My CLEAR doctor is very good! Before treatment, I could not walk far without a lot of pain and my hip giving out. Now I have a lot less pain and hip dysfunction. CLEAR has helped me where others just wanted me to have surgery.
  • S.E.

    Age 13
    The CLEAR doctors are professionals! They have a very high knowledge about scoliosis, they are not fooling around trying things. They are dedicated to what they do. I have not had any pain after treatment. I feel more straightened in my back. I don’t feel I have bad posture any more. CLEAR’s treatment is good and effective, and it is the best that there is. It helps solve the real problem. I have had a good time at the clinic. I understand that to get results they have to be tough on me sometimes, but I would not change that – because I got the results I wanted!
  • Michelle C.

    We were very impressed with our CLEAR doctor. He was very kind, patient, respectful, patient, and knowledgeable. He quickly developed a rapport with our son, which led to mutual trust and respect. I particularly liked that he involved our son and sought his input throughout the process. He explained everything he was doing, why he was doing it, and what result he hoped to achieve. The treatment is long and sometimes uncomfortable, but our CLEAR doctor was always encouraging and focused on keeping our son engaged. It seems to me like the CLEAR doctors have a strong, respectful working relationship, which leads to fabulous clinics and creates a wonderful environment for the patients. When we first received the diagnosis of scoliosis, we were concerned about the quality of life for our son. We were frightened that he would develop health concerns due to the potential compression of his rib cage. We also believed that surgery to correct the curve could lead to complications and seemed a potentially unreliable solution. We believe now that we have done the right thing for our child and the results support our decision. We are confident that we can maintain the results through the home exercise protocols and periodic visits to the clinic.
  • Elvira B.

    Our CLEAR doctor was great, very helpful and supportive. My daughter’s back improved as well as her posture. Just a pleasant place and people!
  • Zoey M.

    Age 15
    The CLEAR doctors are great, friendly and kind. I feel more comfortable. The treatment is very effective and painless.
  • Wanora S.

    The CLEAR doctors are very professional and serious about what they do. The attention to detail and passion for their work is important to me and I see it in them. CLEAR has figured it out and does correction correctly!
  • Roseanna M.

    Age 26
    The CLEAR doctors are wonderful professionals. It was quite a leap of faith, but I am thankful I came. I have been very impressed with my results!
  • Francine

    We are absolutely pleased! Our CLEAR doctor is fun, caring, and thorough. Amazing results! I couldn’t be happier.