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Getting a scoliosis diagnosis can be scary. But because of your support, we’re here to help.

We set up the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute as a nonprofit because we know there’s more to treating scoliosis than simply reducing the curve of the spine.

That’s why we:

  • Conduct innovative research – We lead research initiatives aimed at pushing our understanding of scoliosis, its causes and what effective treatment looks like
  • Develop free resources – We give away free resources through our website and blog aimed solely at providing emotional support and answering common questions
  • Provide an alternative to bracing or surgery – We work with more than 40 chiropractors across 3 continents to provide patients an alternative to treating their scoliosis

“I have a straighter spine and I feel very happy with the results. The CLEAR treatment is very effective and gives you hope.” – Kelsea R., Age 14

But We Need Your Help

We can’t do this work alone. We rely on the generosity of our donors to keep providing support to people like Kelsea. Without our donors, our work simply wouldn’t be possible.

Provide Support for People with Scoliosis

We’re a registered 501(c)3 so 100% of your donation is tax deductible.

“After one week of treatment, my lumbar curve went from 42 to 29 and thoracic curve went from 31 to 26. Before, I was filled with such hopelessness and fear from seeing myself get worse each year. Now I have hope, I have my life back. I finally feel wonderful!” – Joan, Age 20

Together, we can:

Help patients take back their lives.

Help parents find hope for their kids.

Find better treatments for future generations.

“My daughter is standing taller and straighter… Cutting open my daughter and putting rods in her back was not an option for us. I wish we had come here two years ago!” – Diane P., Parent

Together we can make a difference in the lives of people all over the world living with scoliosis.

Donate to Help People with Scoliosis

To everyone living with scoliosis, thank you for your courage and determination. You inspire us each and every day.

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