Three DW Scholarships Awarded

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Saint Cloud, Minnesota – July 25, 2019 Three DW Scholarships Awarded  The CLEAR Scoliosis Institute has announced today the three recipients of the DW Scholarship. This scholarship for chiropractic students, named in honor of CLEAR’s founder, Dr. Dennis Woggon, funds chiropractic students’ enrollment in the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute’s online certification course. Chiropractic…

CLEAR Institute Announces New Chairman Of The Board

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For immediate release: Lisa Chernick (312) 375-4736 St. Cloud, Minnesota—January 18, 2018 CLEAR INSTITUTE ANNOUNCES NEW CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD The CLEAR Institute has announced Dr. Tony Nalda as its new chairman of the board.  Nalda replaces Quentin Krengel, who stepped down after ten years on the board, and remains active as an organizational advisor….

scoliosis awareness month

Scoliosis Awareness Month: How to Get a CLEAR Scoliosis Screening

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In honor of June’s designation as National Scoliosis Awareness Month, CLEAR Certified Doctors are offering scoliosis screenings at every location around the world. Schedule a screening for you or a loved one using the following instructions and help us spread the word about scoliosis!

Is CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment Cost-Effective?

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When you look at the cost of the CLEAR program, it can seem like a lot of money. However, it’s not just about cost—it’s also about value. In order to understand the value of CLEAR treatment, you have to compare it to the other treatment options available and consider what you’re getting for your money….

insurance for clear treatment

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment?

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Understanding your health insurance benefits is a critical park of seeking out any kind of medical treatment. We often hear from people interested in CLEAR treatment that have questions about whether or not it will be covered by their insurance company. To help you find answers, we’ve put together the following information to guide you…

What to Do if There Isn’t a CLEAR Doctor Near You

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We pride ourselves in our ability to treat scoliosis effectively without surgery or cumbersome brace-wear. However, we know we can’t be everywhere. Check and see if there’s a CLEAR doctor near you. And if not, don’t worry, there are still ways for you to get quality alternative treatment.

Help People with Scoliosis

A Way for You to Help People Living with Scoliosis

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Getting a scoliosis diagnosis can be scary. But because of your support, we’re here to help. We set up the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute as a nonprofit because we know there’s more to treating scoliosis than simply reducing the curve of the spine.

New CLEAR Scoliosis Institute Website Launches

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After months of work, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new CLEAR Scoliosis Institute website! It’s our hope that this new site will serve as a valuable tool for everyone that has been touched in some way by scoliosis.