Your unrestricted donation to CLEAR will directly help fund research efforts to raise awareness and provide essential support to people affected by scoliosis. Your 100% tax deductible donation will be rewarded within 7 business days by receiving a 100% tax deductible receipt and personal thank you letter from CLEAR Founder Dr. Dennis Woggon. By donating today you instantly become a CLEAR Champion.

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CLEAR Champions

We love our CLEAR Champions. CLEAR Champions are the backbone of our funding, giving what they can, when they can. They make our research work possible.  Anyone who donates more than $100 or signs up for recurring donations is eligible to be a CLEAR Champion.

Thank you to our CLEAR Champion’s for their generous contributions to help fund scoliosis research worldwide.

  • Dr. Rudy Alfonso, DC
  • Dr. Amy Breidenbach, DC
  • Dr. Ben Breidenbach, DC
  • Dr. Jay Brodwyn, DC
  • Dr. Charles Clauss, DC
  • Scott Favell, WhiteSky LLC
  • Dr. Alex Greaux, DC
  • Diana Herec, S.O.M. Therapy & Associates, Inc.
  • Dr. Daniel Hersh, DC
  • Dr. Collin Hilliard, DC
  • Dr. Jacob Kang, DC
  • Dr. Paul Kang, DC
  • Dr. Hugh Kieu, DC
  • Dr. Dio Kim, DC
  • Ed Miller, IMPAC INC
  • Dr. Mark Myers, DC
  • Dr. Tony Nalda, DC
  • Dr. Andrew Strauss, DC
  • Dr. Dennis Woggon, DC
  • Dr. Josh Woggon, DC